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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Busy day today, got mostly everything on the ground installed, most of the ladder work as well. Just some icicles to hang, one more window to outline, and the garage to outline. Then we have to get everything wired up and connected, which takes about 4 hours alone. We are still hopeful to have at least last years sequence up and running by Sunday night.

Though not as large of a show this year, we have added a few small items. We still are running about 50% LED and 50% incandescent lights. We lost track of how many lights we have up but an approx 10,000 lights. There are only 32 channels of DMX controlled lighting, but we have about 160 more channels in controllers not yet built.

Things got a little crazy this year so we didn't have the time to get a lot of parts ordered before the holiday season, if everything goes according to plan next year we hope to have individual controlled LED lights which means that every single light can be uniquely controlled and can have almost any color we want.

It takes an average about a week to sequence a new song depending on the complexity and as our channels grow so does the time to sequence. With the possibility of being able to control each light independently, we are looking at thousands of channels to deal with so our sequence time will probably go up to 2-3 weeks per song.

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